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The Whyte Bros was created to better young people’s lives using the sport of BMX as an outlet and a pathway to a better, more fulfilling life. The Whyte Bros was inspired by the success of Dad Nigel and brothers Daniel, Tre and Kye Whyte, who took the BMX world by storm. Growing up in South London came with many challenges.  The brothers were able to overcome these hurdles together using BMX as an avenue to a successful and fulfilling career. One of our main strengths is our ability to connect and relate with others. Using our knowledge and experience we ensure to tailor our cycling sessions whilst considering the overall needs of the young people we work with. 

Additionally, we ensure our sessions are universal and suitable for all through offering private 1:1 and group BMX coaching. Our sessions start from beginners who may be experiencing their first time riding a bike to experience days for groups of friends or work colleagues.


We aim to use our knowledge, skills and connections to offer sessions to deprived areas with BMX tracks around the UK. Following the engagement of our young riders, we will ensure the provision of BMX clubs where they can continue to ride and be involved in the community                                                                                                       leading to endless opportunities.

Through delivering these sessions, we will allow young riders to gain purpose and structure giving them goals to aim for and teaching important                                                                     life lessons such as punctuality, honesty, accountability, work ethic and respect.


To provide a world class, fundamental service which equips children and young people with the tools to support them and to control them through the sport medium of Cycling and BMX. 


To provide all children with the opportunity to learn and ride bikes. 


To engage hard to reach young people to make a positive impact in their life. 


To link up grassroots sports and the community.





Tre started BMX at the age of 9, being the first of his family to pick up the sport. He would train every Sunday before competing in his first regional race where he finished 2nd, leaving him hungry for more. By the age of 11 he was national number 2. It took him until he was 15 to win his first British champion title and earn his place on the British cycling development programme. This was his opportunity to train hard and move away from south London. At the age of 18 he secured a spot as a full-time athlete training and living in Manchester with the British cycling team. At the age of 21 he became world number 3 (his biggest accomplishment to date). Overcoming injuries and politics within the sport and merely missing out on an Olympic spot he became back-to-back British champion 2015/2016. Throughout the years he made multiple world cup, and European finals, winning a few European cup rounds. Since leaving the squad, Tre also competes as an electric scooter which takes him around the world competing. Away from sport Tre works with a variety of young people with different experiences in life from riders at Peckham BMX club, private schools, PRU schools and even young offenders, offering specific programmes around healthy lifestyle, and life skills. 


Having been lucky to travel the world and soak up the different cultures and experience other ways of living. Upon request Tre has delivered multiple motivational speeches in front of schools and young people projects, including London Olympic park and other venues. He wishes to share all he has learnt with young people and continue to learn from his work, which is why he is so keen to get in the field with the Whyte Bros.

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Kye started BMX at the age of 4, he was either chasing his older brothers and team mates or he was being chased, but always with a smile on his face. Kye won his first British and National title at the age of 6, and for the next 6 years he was unbeaten. At the age of 13 Kye had a big accident, suffering from serious bleeding to the brain which had a big effect on his riding. This put Kye back a few steps  and he lost both his titles that year. It took Kye until he was 16 to really show the world he was back and was a force to be reckoned with. Crashing out whilst looking the favourite in junior world champs was a tough time for him. He came back the following year racing elite men and being the youngest rider on the start line in multiple World cup finals. 2017 Kye joined the GB team, 2018 he became European Silver medalist, 2019 he won his first World cup in Manchester and became World no 5, 2021 Kye made history by becoming the first GB BMX athlete to medal at the games he came away with an Olympic Silver Medal. In 2022 he became European Champion and World silver medalist. I think it's fair to say Kye has been very consistent and has a bright future ahead of him. With Kyes major achievements he has built a winning mindset, which consists of hard work, dedication and resilience, this is what gives him such confidence. Kye being great at connecting with young people makes him a hero in his community and has experience in public speaking, this allows him to share the secrets of his journey and success with the younger generation. Follow Kye's journey here @kyewhyte.




Nigel, best known from the BMX world as Daddy Whyte. First decided to take up BMX as he was already taking his children racing. In 2005 when the family moved club and started Peckham BMX with a few other members, he would start coaching on Saturdays when CEO and coach, Ck couldn't make it and he has been coaching ever since. Whilst racing himself he was looking after 3 of his sons and one of his daughters who were actively racing too. In 2005 Nigel became summer and winter regional champion, it wasn't until 2009 when Daddy Whyte won his first national race, finishing 4th overall and picking up British number 4 that season. In 2017 Nigel was crowned BMX coach of the year by southwark council. His achievements and BMX coaching experience has been respected internationally and he has been invited to coach multiple BMX clubs throughout Europe. This along with seeing his children race and win world medals are his big achievements and keeps him thriving to learn and give more. Nigel is our most experienced coach working with a huge variety of young people from expert racers to young people with special educational needs and disabilities, he has a very good way of connecting with his students which makes Nigel an asset to any company he works for.

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Daniel is the older of the 3 brothers, In his first year of nationals his success in fighting for the number 1 title was cut short when he found himself getting in trouble with the police. 

Daniel spent his time reflecting on what's important and knew a change had to be made. After returning home Daniel put his efforts into training and kept away from crime, he finished up national no2 the following year in junior men category and decided to head out to America with his coach (Ck flash). This showed him a new level of dedication and hard work, where he was rewarded by earning a spot on the GB team. Daniel became part of the GB team in 2008 and became a European champion in 2010. This showed his younger brothers that with hard work anything is possible. With lifestyle having a slight effect on his training he departed the squad in 2011. Although this wasn't what he wanted, he created a huge pathway for his brothers and the younger riders coming up behind him. We understand that somebody's past doesn't define them and with the right support and mindset are able to turn things around for the better. With Daniels experience he is able to relate and connect with young people who may be facing similar issues with authority.

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